It was a report that was bound to cause debate, not least between two rolling news channel anchors.
    In the item, scantily-clad young Russian women demonstrated their support for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with a sexy car wash publicity stunt in Sparrow Hills, Moscow.
    And the male and female presenters introducing the story for RT, a multilingual Russian TV news network, were at opposite ends of the spectrum as they responded to it.
    The man - with a smile on his face - says: 'A lot of people clearly enjoyed it, well, probably males.'
    But his female co-anchor says: 'That is as tacky as it can get. It's terrible... Literally, when I try to look at the footage, my eyes close. It's horrible.'
    He counters: 'It's still popular. There's a market for it, I would argue.'
    '...which is sad,' she responds.
    The Russian Prime Minister is considering a comeback as President in elections to be held in March 2012.
    And a series of stunts have attempted to show he has real authority and popularity.
    The first was covered by coverage of his hunting, shooting and fishing, as well as his appearance in a judo instructional DVD.
    The second is covered by a group of interesting young ladies who call themselves 'Putin's Army'.
    Last month they shot a video in which they stripped to show how much they loved their favourite Premier.
    Now they have shown their dedication to their guy by - puzzlingly - offering the free car washes.
    Formed around a Russian social-networking site called V Kontakte, Putin's Amazons, as they've been dubbed by Russian media seem to be more suitable for a spoof on Italian TV station run by Putin's pal Silvio Berlusconi.
    Girls who strip on video to support Putin will be entered in a competition to win an Apple iPad 2, according to the Russian website.
    And the Putin's Army website shows the way, with a video of blonde 'student' Diana on the streets of Moscow writing 'I will tear my clothes off for Putin' with red lipstick on her top before starting to take off her clothes.
    Translated, Diana’s pledge to 'rip it for Putin' has two meanings. She will rip her shirt open for Putin and also beat you up if you bad-mouth him.
    The Putin personality cult is strange and very serious.
    Pop songs make lists for the man with the right stuff to become PM : 'He must be like Putin.'
    He has appeared in comic books as a martial arts expert who knocks down not only terrorism but any hint of public protest. 
    And he has his own youth group, Nashi, that harasses and attacks his critics, while praising Putin at every opportunity.
    A slogan on the V Kontakte site announces: 'We will show that Mr Putin is supported by many beautiful, young and smart girls! 
    'We agree that Putin is a decent and honest politician, as well as a man and chic! The goal: for Putin to be president!'
    Putin was president of Russia from 2000 to 2008. He then became the Russian Prime Minister when he was ineligible to run for a third consecutive term as president.

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